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Would you share how you open your Meeting?

Dallas Meeting. Welcome to SOS my name is _____I've been asked to moderate tonight's meeting.

SOS respects recovery in any form, regardless of the path. It is our hope that you achieve recovery with the path by which you choose. We are not opposed to or in competition with any other recovery programs.

Save Our Selves is dedicated to providing a path to sobriety that credits the individual. We respect diversity, welcome healthy skepticism, encourage rational thinking as well as the expression of our feelings, and we each take responsibility for our individual sobriety daily.

This is a sobriety meeting. Our focus is on the priority of abstaining from alcohol and other mind- altering drugs.

We respect the anonymity of each person in this room. This is a self-help, nonprofessional group. At this meeting we share our experiences, understandings, thoughts, and feelings, We are free to form this meeting to meet our needs.

Sobriety is the number one priority in our life.   In SOS to take control of our new life we abstain from all mind-altering drugs or alcohol.

We are not against your religious or non-religious beliefs.  What ever your religious or non-religious beliefs are, we are not here to change them. We hope you will respect the beliefs of each person in this meeting and not preach or promote your personal belief system. Let's respect each other's uniqueness.

We have it within each of us the power to change. This is a chance for us to build on this power. To bring positive forces out in the open and watch them grow. Sobriety is Attainable. The power to become sober is within each of us. SOS credits the individual for achieving and maintaining his or her own sobriety. There is no hidden agenda. This is an Abstinence Group. I would like to welcome you to your new life where you now have the freedom to live your life alcohol/drug free.

I will become the Captain of My Ship & Sail into a New Life.


Thank you at SOS Dallas for this web page.  To see all of this web site go to

Duaine Metevia

Save Our Selves (SOS)
4773 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90027
Phone# 323-666-4295

Find a Meeting
If you want to become a part of SOS let James Christopher know you're out there.  If there is no meeting listed in your area, it could mean that there are people in your area who are waiting for more people to come forward and start a meeting.  The way meetings start are people contacting the clearing house and leaving their contact info.  Some cities only have phone contacts, people who will talk to you or meet with you for coffee so please leave your contact info; don't miss out.

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